The Cold Market Prospecting Formula & Live Prospecting Footage Revealed 2017!

Training Continued at: with "Live Hidden Camera Prospecting Footage!"

15 years ago I got so sick of dealing with my skeptical friends and family members trying to get them to see the value in what I was doing with my network marketing business that I said…

"Screw this! I'm gonna build my business without them and prospect & total recruit strangers instead!"

I hated prospecting and was terrified to do it, but I was more terrified to fail, so I did it anyway.

I have since prospected and pulled over 20,000 numbers from total strangers, become a 7-figure annual earner, and created a formula that when followed, works just about every time.

If you want to learn more about this formula watch this video and go to this site to see the full training…

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