THE NO HYPE INFINii REVIEW – What Is INFINii? Products & Compensation Plan

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THE NO HYPE INFINii REVIEW – What is Infinii?


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Infinii Review – What is Infinii?

Chances are you’ve heard about Infinii from someone online and you’re doing your due diligence to see if this company is right for you, so sit tight because in this Infinii review we’re going to break down the business, products, and compensation plan so you can make an educated decision if this company is right for you.

Infinii The Business

(CEO) Hitesh Juneja, (COO) Kevin Hakoana, and (CFO) Jason Rose are the 3 amigos leading the company.

They have created and successfully ran two business’s in the past that are still running to this day.

One business called “DS Domination” allows you to buy and sell items online through Amazon and Ebay through a process known as “drop shipping.” Now drop shipping has it’s pros and cons and if you take it seriously you can earn a pretty large sum of money.

I was personally involved with DS Domination for a couple months and while I didn’t make a full time income through the company, I generated a couple $100 a month in additional income for myself on the side of my current business.

So I know that drop shipping works and personally have friends that make six figures with DS Domination, so the only variable is if you will put in the work and follow the training.

Now, Infinii is the evolved version of DS Domination and they are making it simpler to learn how to buy and sell items online through E-commerce.

Infinii will officially launch on December 1st, 2015.

It’s invitation only and there are limited spots to join before the launch date, so chances are the spots are filled up if you’re reading this.

However, If you’re reading this after December 1st and would like to get started with the company contact me before you do.

What are the Infinii Products?

Infinii is coined as an E-commerce platform with a Network Marketing business model and they have a wide variety of digital products and training to help the average person start their own E-commerce business.

If you are familiar with DS Domination then you will have a good understanding of what Infinii is because the owners of DS created the Infinii platform.

Infinii Digital is what they are calling their digital product platform, with the E-commerce platform going by Infinii Marketplace.

DS Domination’s training is bundled into the platform just like it was before but through a less expensive price structure:

Prime: $49.95 a month
Surge: $149.95 a month
Excel: $399.95 a month

With all of these products you will learn how to drop ship on eBay. This package will include over the shoulder training on how to find items at a low cost on other wholesale websites and list them up on eBay for a higher price that people will buy over and over again.

You never physically touch the products yourself, all you will be doing is listing them up for people to purchase.

Buy low sell high 😉

You will also get the eBay listing tool where you can create a listing in under a minute allowing you to quickly and efficiently post items VERY FAST!

Bonanza Training: This is where you will be selling your items on Google. Just like how you will be doing it on eBay except a much larger pond with 10 times as many fish that are looking for what you’re selling.

Shopping Party Training: This is where you will be able to get the Infinii app and walk into retail stores to scan items and it will tell you if the item is profitable to sell on

If the item is profitable, you can buy them in bulk and ship them into the Amazon FBA program (Fulfillment by Amazon).

All this means is that Amazon holds the items for you, ships them out to your customers, handles all of the returns, and takes care of customer service on your behalf.

For the rest of the Infinii review read the blog post here: …

Full Infinii Network Marketing Business Review:

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21 Comments on “THE NO HYPE INFINii REVIEW – What Is INFINii? Products & Compensation Plan”

  1. I will surprised if anyone has made money after factoring the monthly recurring fees. Also money made from recruiting should not be counted. If anyone has made money, please let us know.

    1. yes it is, but doing this on your own would still require many tools that they provide anyway, and you get real solid proven training, would be a solid waste of time, doing it without them.

  2. I wonder how it is possible to make thousands os US$, once you have only 15 units, at most, of certain items to sell, at the Prime level… Is it magic or a smoke and mirror scam??
    Could anyone, pls, explain it? Or in fact, the seller is able to sell how much items he wants, that are not in the springboard??

    1. spring board is a big juicy bonus … they teach how to go out and build your ebay and amazon business ” wich you can have unlimited item on” when using dropshipping and selling arbitrage, you do not need to own the product to sell it, so once you know how to hustle and find the right products. you rince and repeat, i am at a little over 21k online now and this stuff work.

    2. +Carl Gaudet Congrats!!
      I believe it is a great opportunity to make money, just wanted to be sure of what is presented to us.
      I could not understand why ppl are so obsessed with the springboard idea, once you can list any product and as much as you want, by using their ALC program.
      It is incredible, never heard bout this kind of thing before.
      Wish you good luck and lots of success.

  3. Thank you for putting this information out….I just join two weeks ago, looking forward to working the Ecommerce side of 🙂

    1. you can find more info at and do your own research. I don’t follow up with people for sales. That’s why I use this system. It automates everything. Haven’t made a sales call or individual follow up emails in years. That’s how I can make money while I travel, hang out with my crew, and focus on living life to the fullest.

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