The REAL Truth about MLM & Network Marketing

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Recently John Oliver who has his own show on HBO did a video on multilevel marketing and network marketing. It prompted hundreds of emails and messages sent our way asking, "Pat, what do you think about what John Oliver said about network marketing?" So in this video, I give you the real truth about network marketing.

#1: What is Network Marketing? – 5:00

#2: Common Criticisms of Network Marketing – 20:59

#3: Different Types of Network Marketing Compensation Plans – 42:20

#4: Types of MLM Products – 14:50

#5: The Benefits of Joining a Network Marketing Company – 47:06

#6: What to Look for in a Network Marketing Company – 51:55

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44 Comments on “The REAL Truth about MLM & Network Marketing”

    1. VALUETAINMENT interesting. My cousins were part of MLM networks called ACN and Traffic Monsoon. Although it seemed impressive it seemed very hard to make much progress. However the network of people they met served them really well in future ambitions .

    2. I couldn’t get the book. I added my email and subscribed but still no book. Can it be sent to me directly by email via pdf or something? thanks.

  1. Network Marketing truly isn’t for everybody. It requires individuals to get out of their comfort zone and face the 95% of the individuals who are uneducated on what MLM is. So many people get in MLM for the wrong reasons and they ruin the image of MLM. They try to force people to get in or force their product which shouldn’t be the case when recruiting or getting clients or think it’s a fast money scheme. They give up so easily and are labeled as quitters in my opinion. Some of the most people successful people in history like Jim Rohn, Anthony Robbins, Robert Kiyosaki, Warren Buffet, Zig Ziglar, George Zalucki etc all endorse MLM. MLM is known as the business for people who like helping others. Those who call it a Pyramid Scheme don’t know what they are talking either. The successful people in MLM are one of the most humble people I have ever met. One of the only skillset you truly need to succeed in MLM is personal self development, that’s all. The rest is patience.

    1. Great message Klyie between you and Antoine, I really get both perspectives having been involved in Online and Offline Marketing since 2011. I have been with my current Network Marketing company for 4 years now and I am STILL a student of the profession. I try not to get caught up in ‘Comparitous’ because we all have to ‘run our own race’ based on our current Skills and Personal Development. I appreciate your approach to Marketing and that you are about building relationships with people, providing Value and then helping them with their Financial struggles. I intend to find you on social media, because I am eager to hear more about your Success. Thanks for being open and authentic.

    2. True. Its called Blue Ocean/Red Ocean. However we can learn from other MLMers in different companies to share ideas and tricks of the trade. What would you say is your biggest struggle? You can email me at

  2. Pyramid schemes are NOT the same as network marketing!!! Anyone who thinks so is lost and knows nothing about business!!! THAT IS ALL!

    1. Network Marketing is the same as Multilevel marketing and they are both pyramid shaped which is why I’m skeptical.

    2. The government structure is shaped like a pyramid, any church structure is shaped like a pyramid, hell, even the girl guide structure is a pyramid shape. It doesn’t make them “Pyramid schemes”. An illegal pyramid scheme is when a a large majority of the companies income, comes from its representatives, and not much from actual customers who are not affiliated with the company. If a company is generating significant revenue but does not have a sufficient customer base the FTC may consider it an illegal pyramid. Hope this helps, shoot me a msg if you ever want to learn more. Network marketing is a beautiful profession, its changed my life and I’ve seen it change many others. Cheers.

    3. This girl is probably making less than minimum wage in some MLM pyramid. Just dislike and continue scrolling.

  3. The funny thing about this is that Herbalife is under investigation for being a pyramid scheme if they haven’t been shut down already.

    1. xIceeJay5x Herbalife was investigated because of this guy name Bill Ackman a hedge fund Billionaire from NY. He made a 1 Billion bet on Herbalife’s collapse and he lobbied aggressively for it, hence the Investigations. He lost big time

    2. fbisono66 I’ve read articles that it was specifically under investigation for being a pyramid scheme. And I’ve had people who were caught in it try to get me to buy their herbalife products and get involved with all of the stereotypical pyramid scheme sales pitches. Herbalife is still a pyramid scheme in my eyes.

    3. xIceeJay5x I suggest to dig deeper , I don’t argue with people that already made up their mind about network marketing in general but like Patrick said unlike the one sided bashing from Jon Oliver . There will always be Pros and Cons in any type of business.

  4. Hello Patrick,

    What are your thoughts on Primerica? Do you view them as major competitor being an MLM since you own and operate your own agency? And why is that they never claim or hide the fact that they operate as an MLM. They deny it. Are they afraid of the negative cognition that MLM get?

    Also what about the Breakaway compensation structure? I only know of four: Breakaway, Uni-Level, Forced Matrix, and Binary.

    1. +Iggy Jr most of insurance looks like mlm. Most of financial services does. If you search NY Life and mlm, you’ll see negative articles. It’s a system that’s worked for PRimerica.

    2. +Iggy Jr I’m not a fan of binary or forced matrix. Uni-level is the only one with the longest lifespan.

  5. I fell onto your videos after starting with a network marketing company. All I can say is your videos have dramatically changed my life. And network marketing has made me grow as an individual and to value personal relationships. You are a direct mentor to me. And to that I thank you!

  6. Great, sensible knowledge and very fine way of speaking. Respect and thank you 🙂

  7. If you want to start a successful business on Amway with mentors and a awesome team of entrepreneurs text me on Kik @cooldavid456 must me 18 and over hard working millionaire mindset. If your willing to work hard to change your life you wouldn’t think twice if this opportunity go now

    1. I already am “making it”. That is the ridiculous BS Amway pumps into your brain. “If you aren’t in Amway, then you must be some broke loser!”

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