The Relationship Cycle – How to Recruit in Network Marketing!

Human relationships follow a natural progression. When you try and operate in an awkward way, it produces unfavorable results. Instead, try your recruiting the way that relationships work!

Matthew David Hurtado was bedridden and bankrupt in 2008 with Lyme disease. After discovering the "mindset" strategy in this video, which he reveals to you – pulling no punches, Matthew became a millionaire in 3 years… restored his health 100%… and built several companies. . Get the ebook, FREE.

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Matthew actively builds a network marketing business in addition to his other companies; recruiting an average of 1 new person per day… with least effort, and duplicating. Teaching duplication and STRATEGY is his specialty. #SPEC-OP.

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Matthew creates "rejection free" marketing systems that lead with value and end up building quality relationships. It's all about STRATEGY and EXECUTION. Repeat simple actions that your TEAM can do, avoiding the pitfalls of most outdated network marketing concepts… incorporate "marketing" into network marketing!




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17 Comments on “The Relationship Cycle – How to Recruit in Network Marketing!”

  1. MLM gets a bad name because people don’t understand this psychology, people ‘puke’ on others.

  2. So much more intelligent than spamming everyone on the internet in social rooms.

  3. You give me a desire to actually do network marketing and I don’t even like the industry.

  4. Best trainer right here… only guy who makes sense of how people respond to each other.

  5. I’m a newbie in social marketing and it is really hard to succeed additional help. Thank you Matthew for this this info – it is very helpful!

  6. This is genuine and extremely helpful… you are not trying to sell smth but speak from your heart….its invaluable!!

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