TruVision Health Training – How To Sell TruVision Products Online & Maximize The TruVision Comp Plan

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Truvision Health Training – How To Sell Truvision Health Products Online & Maximize The Truvision Compensation Plan

In this truvision training video you will learn how to become a truvision associate top earner by incorporating digital marketing strategies to attract highly responsive leads and prospects for your business. The truvision compensation plan can be very lucrative when approached correctly. The compensation plan allows associates to be rewarded in four separate ways. Truvision health commission can be earned on up to 8 levels in the unilevel compensation plan, once qualified to receive commissions on those levels which depends on your rank. The highest rank is 7 start director. Commissions are earned on all truvision products purchased that carry product volume (PV). The fast start bonus paid on sales of the truvision fast start pack allows you to earn back your initial business investment very quickly and is paid on four generations for fast truvision results. This is good for new associates just getting started because the quicker they see results with the truvision health compensation plan the more likely they are to stick around and duplicate. To incentivise team building, cooperative effort and to reward leadership, you earn a 10% matching bonus on the unilevel commission checks of your personally enrolled associates. The bonus pool is based on 3% of the total worldwide commissionable sales volume in the company.

How to become a truvision distributor top promoter. When learning how to promote truvision health products online the first step is getting very clear on your perfect customer, your ideal prospect for the products. Most people focus on features when selling products or the truvision kit. You must focus on the benefits. People do not buy products or join for the truvision compensation plan. They buy outcomes. They buy access to the after state, whether emotional or physical that they feel the product will facilitate. I recommend you focus on marketing truvision trucontrol or one of the other popular products first, as the demand in the truvision canada marketplace is obviously already there. So whether you choose to sell truvision trucontrol, trufix, reform, replace, renu etc. just get very clear on the needs and wants of the prospective customer. Why would they buy your truvision products? What problem are they trying to solve? What age and demographic are they? The clearer you can be, the better you will be able to relate to them in your truvision marketing plan and advertising materials.

If you are serious about becoming successful with the truvision business opportunity your most valuable asset and investment is yourself. Opportunities, marketing methods and the next flashy lead generation tactic will come and go, but the one constant in your truvision health business is you. You will always hear opinions on which comp plan is better in terms of truvision vs plexus but at the end of the day, your success in this profession will come down to increasing your personal value to the point that you become magnetic in the marketplace and people begin joining you and not the truvision opportunity. They know that they have value and status to gain by aligning themselves and partnering with you in your truvision health weight loss team. Observe any top earner and top producer in this network marketing industry and you will soon see that they can join any opportunity and have an army of loyal followers sign up with them in the right away.

When it comes to marketing truvision health products online, incorporate the power of social proof in the form of truvision success stories whenever you can. If you are looking to sell truvision products through truvision weight loss reviews the more testimonials you can use the better. We are hardwired and conditioned to go with the most popular opinion and feedback. People are searching everyday, looking for truvision reviews on the product line. It is very simple to create short 3-5 minute videos that explain the products or the truvision compensation plan for opportunity seekers. At the end you can do a simple call-to-action and tell people to click the link in the description for more info and direct them over to your store. These truvision health reviews should focus on benefits as opposed to features as mentioned earlier. Explain to people how the products will make them feel, how it will impact their day and how much better they will feel. Explain to them in your truvision health review how this positive effect on their wellness will impact all aspects of their life.

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