Unilevel MLM Pay Plans

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MLM Pay Plans – Understanding Unilevel

Understanding how "unilevel" works when it comes to MLM pay plans is what this video is about.

I covered the binary MLM in my last video tutorial and I am trying to help people learn about their work from home business opportunities, if they happen to be a distributor for one of the thousands of multi level marketing companies available today.

MLM multilevel network marketing is something that I have been doing for 25 years now, and I am changing the focus of my website from how to build a WordPress website from scratch and have it become a network marketing blog.

This video will conclude my series on MLM pay plans, (for now), but there will be a lot about network marketing coming.

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    1. Which plugin are you looking for Jerrico?

      I have a free step by step WordPress course for
      2014 being released very soon.

  1. Unilevels are only good for people who can recruit a lot of people. You do not earn on all levels unless you qualify, which is based on rank and number of people you recruited. Unilevels also have a lot of breakage as a result of rank qualifications and number of people recruited. Everyone is crossline, side by side competing with each other in a unilevel and you can not build deep where the big money is made.

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