Younique Training: 9 Rules to Succeed in Network Marketing

Don't spin your wheels in direct sales!! Learn some of the KEY things to be successful from the start!
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  1. Hi Michelle! Great video! Lots of helpful information! Do you have a video of your 30 second commercial? 

    1. I don’t … but I just talk about how the company got started, how we have naturally based makeup, and how our hot product is the 3D Fiber Lashes. 🙂 

  2. I just started a month ago and I’m feeling stuck! All of your videos are ok, but it’s the same information as “The Secret”! I want to know how to build my business. I’m confident already! Give me real ways to make sales without spending money! I have a special needs child and I cannot afford to spend more money! I need real ways to profit! The products are awesome, but everyone I know is on a tight budget and isn’t interested. Please talk about how to get sales that are beyond common sense of dressing nice and self confidence! Thanks!

    1. The key is to get outside of your own circle.  That is the ONLY way to succeed in a network marketing business.  If you feel like you’ve tapped through everyone you know (and I would really look at if you’ve talked to literally every single person you know) then I would look at who is in the market for our types of products.  If you haven’t already, I would highly suggest approaching those in the beauty industry — hair stylists, makeup artists, eye lash techs.  There are really lots of ways to market- you are only limited by your creativity. Here are some ideas:
         * Promote your fb business page
         * Run a giveaway (use products you receive with hostess rewards)
         * Advertise and promote in fb groups
         * Do a party swap with another direct sales rep
         * Schedule appointments to do a demo for a local medical/dentist office staff
         * Do an event/booth in your community
         * Schedule one-on-ones
         * Do cash and carry (you can sell right from your purse!)
         * Let people in your community know you need volunteers for makeup demos
         * Do a pampering/makeup class for teachers or nurses
         * Use pinterest, youtube and instagram- take time to learn how to use them effectively. 
         * Set up a fundraiser for cheer groups or dance teams.  
         * Approach dance teams for colleges– one of my reps did and the coach has decided to use Younique completely and has asked the rep to help them come up with a look for the team.  I have another rep that has done the same thing with a girls choir. 

      The other key is to change the way you feel about the cost of the products. Don’t prejudge people – if you feel like they can’t afford it, you are making that decision for them.  Your job is simply to share.  Plus we have products as low as $10.. Almost everyone can afford $10.. people just prioritize where they want to spend their money.. but again… don’t decide for them whether they or their friends can afford it.  If they say they can’t afford it, they are perfect candidates for hosting a party.  The other thing I would do … is I would create an excel document and chart your results.  Talk to 5 people every single day (take Sunday off) and see what comes of your efforts.  Talking with people is FREE — doesn’t cost a single thing . . .  but it does take some time and getting out of your comfort zone.  

    2. Don’t go to people you know is the first mistake. Secondly, I would post flyers around college or try posting in your local news paper. There are a lot free ways to advertise. If your at an event always keep your product on you to demonstrate. Mainly, believe and have faith in yourself. Know that when you make an investments it takes time to build. I hope this helps.

    3. attraction marketing , funnels are a good way they also boost your confidence I believe just about to embark on mine lol. funnel hackers, Nick Anderson as well they are good young for a new take on it. then the greats Eric worre. my company has a few great folk I like Natalie Healy and Emma Cooper they do general trainings for everyone. so many great network marketers out there just search. ggood luck x

    1. I don’t currently have this in a PDF – and I’m not sure I still have the powerpoint file.. but you are welcome to share the info if you want to put something together. Just please credit Keith Halls as the author.. thanks!

  3. Outstanding video Michelle! 🙂 This is your media niche for sure. Love it! <3

  4. I had trouble i was suppose to be sponsored to friend and i made a mistake and not sure what to do.

    1. +Amanda Himes I don’t know if anyone has answered your question, but If you made a mistake and sponsored under the wrong person, you have to become inactive for 6 months in order to be able to get sponsored under the person you wanted to initially

  5. I’m interested in the opportunity but younique doesn’t have the latest makeup. There’s no liquid lipsticks, or odd color lipsticks. Also why is it only 30% commission? That’s not much. It would take forever to make $1000.

    1. Hi! We actually just launched brand new lipsticks, including a line of liquid lipsticks! I’d be happy to share more with you about our new products. Many presenters sell $1000 -$3000 in products every single month, so you could earn $1000 your first month if you focus on selling. My first 2 weeks I made $250 and then my net month I made well over $1000. There’s NO promise of income – it’s your own business, so it’s dependent on how hard you work and what you put into it. You cane learn more here: or contact me:

  6. Hi Michelle, just starting out with Younique, have listened to a tone of stuff, but this video is so interesting and hopefully help me to succeed, as I have been doubting myself, thank you so much for sharing this, can you add me to your training sessions would love to look at more Maxine Bruce xx

  7. Hello, I’ve been in this business almost a year now. And in yellow status. But I still don’t have anybody to be on my team. What can I do to get people to want to join?

    1. Hi Deborah! Make sure you are selling 500 PRS each month and following up with EVERY single customer to offer the opportunity. I also suggest offering the opportunity to 3-5 people EVERY single day. Often it’s just in the numbers of people you talk with. Remember you aren’t trying to CONVINCE people to join – you are looking for people that are already looking for something like this.

    2. +Michelle Bell the problem is, I have only sold to about 2 people besides myself since I’ve been in Younique.

  8. I love your video! Ive been thinking long and hard about joining younique, because the job search has been unsuccessful and I don’t wanna be a 50 something year old and working at Mcdonald’s (that’s fine if that’s what you wanna do…., it’s just NOT for ME!!). Any who; very inspirational….. thank you

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